Check out videos from our philanthropic partner, GivePower

Who is GivePower?

GivePower’s mission is to electrify the world with clean energy, and provide greater health, economic and educational opportunities to developing regions that need it most.


Founded in 2013, the GivePower Foundation is an NGO based in Austin, Texas, in the US. The team is comprised of professionals experienced in the design, engineering, construction, deployment and operation of renewable energy systems. To date, GivePower has powered 2534 schools, built 36 microgrids and deployed 11 Solar Water Farms across 26 countries impacting the lives of over 1 Million people.


What is Better Earth’s Involvement?

Better Earth is proud to support GivePower by donating a portion of our proceeds from each installation. As one of their preferred donors, we have the privilege of attending a yearly trek. Through our partnership, we aim to contribute to GivePower's mission of electrifying the world with clean energy and improving the lives of people in developing regions.

To learn more about GivePower's impactful work, you can watch these videos:


Colombia Trek - April 2023


Nepal Trek - April 2022

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