Electric Vehicle Chargers

Learn about the EV Chargers that Better Earth uses

Electric Vehicle Chargers

At Better Earth, we offer high-quality electric vehicle (EV) chargers to complement your solar system. Currently, we install SolarEdge and JuiceBox EV chargers.


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What EV Charger Does Better Earth Install?

  • Better Earth primarily offers the SolarEdge Electric Vehicle Charger. This versatile charger is compatible with any electric vehicle and seamlessly integrates with the suite of SolarEdge products.
  • In cases where the SolarEdge EV charger is unavailable, we will install a JuiceBox EV Charger as an alternative.

How much is an EV Charger?

  • The current cost of our EV Charger is $1,500, which includes installation. You have the option to include this cost in your solar financing. Please note that costs may increase over time.

Can there be two EV Chargers Installed?

  • Yes, you have the option to add two EV chargers to your system. However, depending on your home's electrical load, it may require an electrical upgrade.

When is the EV Charger Installed?


When does the EV Charger start working?

  • You can start using your EV Charger immediately after installation, even if the solar system is not yet completed or activated. This flexibility allows you to conveniently charge your electric vehicle right away.
    • Please note that if you use your EV Charger before the system is activated, you will be responsible for paying the utility company for the electricity used.

Can Better Earth Install an EV charger that I have already purchased?

  • No, Better Earth will exclusively install EV chargers that have been purchased through Better Earth. This allows us to maintain quality control and ensure that the installation meets our standards.

What if I already have solar installed, can I order an EV Charger?

  • You can add an EV Charger to your system at any time before your installation. However, if you are an existing solar customer and want to add an EV charger, we are unable to fulfill your request.

What Voltage is the EV Charger we Install?

  • Both EV chargers offered by Better Earth operate at 240 volts, ensuring fast and efficient charging for your electric vehicle.

Can Better Earth install a 240v outlet without the EV Charger?

  • Better Earth only installs a 240v outlet in conjunction with an EV charger installation. If you already have an existing EV charger and want us to install the 240v outlet, we can do so only if you purchase the EV charger from Better Earth.

Where can I find more information on the EV Charger we install?


Will our EV Chargers allow some EV's like the new Ford F150 to act as a battery backup for the home?

  • At this time, our EV chargers do not support the function of using certain electric vehicles, such as the new Ford F150, as a battery backup for the home. This feature would require a 2-way charger, which our current chargers do not provide.
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Last updated on December 4, 2023