How Do I Get My Solar System Serviced?

Learn how you can your system serviced by Better Earth

System Servicing

With solar, all components of your solar system can be monitored and maintained virtually. This means that you have a system in place to ensure the smooth operation of your solar panels without the need for physical visits, unless triggered by online monitoring.


If you ever notice any issues with your solar system, don't hesitate to contact Better Earth to report the problem by using the Live Chat on our website.


Here are the general steps to get your solar system serviced:

  1. Contact Better Earth:
      • Reach out to Better Earth's customer support or service team if you notice any irregularities or issues with your solar system. They will guide you on the next steps.
  1. Describe the Issue:
      • When contacting Better Earth, provide as much detail as possible about the issue. Describe any error messages, unusual performance, or other concerns you've observed. This information will help the service team diagnose the problem more efficiently.
  1. Online Monitoring:
      • If Better Earth's monitoring system detects any issues, we will initiate remote maintenance or troubleshooting. This can involve adjusting settings, performing software updates, or other virtual actions.
  1. On-Site Service:
      • In cases where virtual maintenance is insufficient to resolve the problem, Better Earth will schedule an on-site service visit. The technicians will inspect the system, identify the root cause, and perform necessary repairs or adjustments.
  1. Documentation:
      • Keep records of any communication and service visits. This documentation can be useful for future reference and any potential warranty claims.

To prevent issues with your system, take a look at ways to best maintain your system.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023