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Learn about the types of solar panels that Better Earth uses

Better Earth’s Panel Approach

Amidst the ongoing challenge of maintaining a consistent supply chain in today's rapidly changing world, Better Earth remains committed to managing relationships and advocating for the best pricing among the top 5 rated residential solar panels.


The panels we use today are not guaranteed to be the same panels we will use in the next 6+ months. With that said, we are committed to providing you with at least a 405-watt or higher wattage Tier 1 Panel.

Currently, Better Earth is using a 410-watt panel.

Tier One Panels

  • All panels installed by Better Earth will be aesthetically pleasing with all black-on-black tier-one panels.
  • Tier One means that the panel has undergone rigorous third-party testing to receive that designation.
  • All of the panels we install are in the select group allowed by all of the finance partners we work with. Each finance partner has an "approved vendor list" which we must follow and all panels we use meet the list requirements for all of our finance partners.
  • When multiple finance companies agree on the highest quality panels in the industry that means something!
  • Check out this article for a complete list of all 2022 Tier 1 solar panels.


Better Earth will always maintain a high standard for our installations, treating them as if they were being installed on our own home. We prioritize an aesthetically pleasing black-on-black panel appearance, making our installations an excellent choice for residential settings.

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A Better Earth Installation in Southern California



No matter which panel is installed on your home, Better Earth will maintain, monitor, and guarantee your system's production for a full 25 years. Find out more about Better Earth’s Warranties & Guarantees here.


The panel manufacturers we use also provide their own 25-year manufacturer's warranty to back us up.



Tier-One panels are designed to be highly durable and capable of withstanding various weather conditions, including hail. Even if the panels are partially covered by debris, they will still produce energy. However, excessive debris can impact overall performance.


Better Earth's racking equipment ensures that the weight of the panels is evenly distributed on the roof and securely attached, resulting in a weight of less than 3 pounds per square foot (psf). The equipment is also rated to withstand high winds and approved for use in areas prone to severe weather conditions, such as category 5 hurricane winds.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023