What is Needed From My Utility Bill?

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The Utility Bill

For a solar project, it's essential to collect the utility bill for all projects.


Why do we need the utility bill for all projects?

Each utility has different information that we must collect from the bill for the client's project to get fully activated by the utility company, such as:

  • Utility Meter Number
  • Utility Account Number
  • Full Name on the Utility Bill
  • Utility Rate Schedule
  • Electric Service ID

We will also analyze your historical kilowatt (kWh) energy usage form your utility bill to properly size your solar system.


Where do I upload the Utility Bill?

If you have not provided a copy of your electric bill to your sales representative, you can upload a copy of your bill on the Customer Portal.


What formats can we collect a Utility Bill in?

The best practice is to submit a clear PDF version of the entire bill as early in the process as possible so you can have your annual usage from the beginning.


If a digital copy is not accessible, clear photos of the entire bill are acceptable. Make sure to capture corner-to-corner shots that show all text clearly.


Alternatively, you can call the utility company to request a new copy of the bill to be sent to the client.


Does the person whose name is on the Utility bill have to be listed on the contract?

While it's preferred that the person whose name is on the utility bill appears on the Installation Agreement and Finance Agreement, it's not required.


In some utilities, it may be necessary to explain the relationship between the person on the utility bill and the signed contracts.


What if it is a new home and I haven’t received a utility bill yet?

If the you don’t have a utility bill yet, you can either wait until you receive your first bill or call your utility company to gather the necessary information for interconnection.

  • Utility Meter Number
  • Utility Account Number
  • Full Name on the Utility Bill
  • Utility Rate Schedule
  • Electric Service ID

In such cases, we recommend estimating your energy usage as accurately as possible by using an energy load calculator like this one from the US Department of Energy.


Please note that other factors such as electric vehicles (EVs), home additions, family size, and home size should also be considered when sizing a solar system.

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Last updated on November 29, 2023