Where the Equipment is Installed

Learn where your solar equipment can be installed

Equipment Placement

We strive to provide the best possible customization for the design layout according to your preferences. However, there are certain factors that are beyond our control and require specific installation or placement.


Installation Options:

  • Solar Panel: Personal & optimal panel locations can be chosen.
  • Inverter: Can be chosen between outside or inside the garage.
  • Battery Installation: External location only (no internal option). Placement is based on local codes and regulations.
  • Conduit: The conduit can be chosen to be installed on the outside of the home or inside the attic.
  • Main Service Panel: Location is determined based on your utility provider's location requirements.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger: Typically installed inside a garage or near the driveway.

Other Electrical Components:

  • AC Disconnect: Exterior installation only.
  • Sub Panel: Location is determined based on local approval.
  • Smart Meter: The location is determined based on the utility's approval.
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Last updated on December 1, 2023