Will I Still Have a Utility Bill?

Learn about how billing works after you get a system installed

Post Solar Utility Bills

Yes, you will still have a utility bill after installing a solar system. However, the amount of your utility bill may be significantly reduced, depending on your solar system's size and how much electricity it generates.


Here's how it works:

  1. Solar Offset: Your solar system generates electricity from sunlight and feeds it into your home's electrical system. When the sun is shining, your solar panels can produce more electricity than your home needs. The excess energy goes back into the grid, and you may receive credits on your utility bill for this surplus power.
  1. Net Metering: Many areas have a program called "Net Energy Metering" (NEM). During the day when your solar panels produce more electricity than your home consumes, the surplus electricity is sent to the grid, and you receive credits for it. During the night or when your panels are not producing enough, you draw electricity from the grid, and your credits cover some or all of those costs.
  1. Zeroing Out Your Bill: In some cases, you can size your solar system to produce enough electricity to completely offset your annual electricity consumption. This is referred to as "zeroing out" your utility bill. It means that you would not owe anything to the utility for your electricity usage, as your solar system covers it.
  1. Local Regulations: The specifics of how this process works, including the availability of Net Metering and the rules for crediting excess power, can vary based on local utility regulations and state policies. It's essential to understand the net metering policies and other regulations in your area.
  1. Minimum Connection Fees: Even if your solar system significantly reduces your utility bill, you might still have to pay a small monthly connection fee to the utility. This fee covers the cost of maintaining the grid and providing service, even if you are not drawing much power from it.

In summary, while you may still have a utility bill after installing solar, it should be substantially lower, and with proper system sizing and net metering, it's possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity costs. The specific impact on your bill will depend on your solar system's size, your energy consumption, and local utility policies.

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Last updated on November 29, 2023