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What Do I Need to Know About Going Solar in California?

California is the number one solar state in the country. With utility rates higher than anywhere else in the United States and more beautiful sunny days than almost anywhere, it’s no wonder solar has taken the state by storm. California has led the way for residential solar in multiple ways.


In 2023, a new rule was implemented requiring a first-of-its-kind system for streamlining the solar building permitting process with a tool called SolarApp. This new rule has helped simplify and standardize the process for solar installers to help customers switch to solar by making it easier than ever before.


Also, in 2023, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) released a new decision on how solar billing will work in the three major investor-owned utility companies (PG&E, SCE, & SDGE). While many view this change negatively, Better Earth welcomes this change as it is a means to further innovate the solar industry by requiring Battery Storage to be an essential component of the solar experience. We believe that battery storage is essential to making solar as beneficial as possible and giving our clients true energy independence. We are excited to lead the way in the solar paired with energy storage industry.


Net Energy Metering 3.0 (PG&E, SCE, & SDG&E Only)

It’s important to understand how NEM 3.0 works, in summary, NEM 3.0 has led to the need to include battery storage with your solar system. Adding batteries to your system offers numerous benefits and can lead to better long-term savings.


With NEM 3.0, the savings you can expect from your solar system may be impacted by the time of day when you use the most electricity in your home.


Is solar still worth it with NEM 3.0?

  • The short answer is YES. By going solar you will be avoiding the rate increases from your local utility provider.
  • Since NEM 3.0 was passed, all three utilities where NEM 3.0 is active have increased their rates and more rate hikes are expected this year.

Learn more about the solar rates offered by different California utilities by clicking on the utility provider below:

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Last updated on December 6, 2023