CURB Energy Consumption Monitors

Learn about how a CURB Monitor works

What is CURB?

CURB monitoring is a device that is installed into the main electrical panel. It uses CTs (sensors) to detect power usage in the home. This device allows you to track energy consumption and solar production on a single web application.


The CURB device will learn what appliances are using power and will relay that information to a web-based application so that a client can see their energy consumption in real-time compared to their solar production.

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When is CURB Installed?

After your solar system has been installed and inspected, a representative from CURB will install the system at your home within 30 days of the approved solar inspection. You will then receive a call from CURB to walk you through the app configuration.


If the CURB system has not been installed yet and it has been 30 days since your solar inspection was approved, please contact the Better Earth Customer Success Team using the live chat feature on our website.


If, for some reason, the CURB system cannot be successfully fitted into your main electric panel, unfortunately, it will not be able to be installed. Better Earth will reimburse you for the cost of the system.


CURB Monitoring vs SolarEdge Monitoring

CURB is a consumption monitor that tracks the energy usage of different appliances in a home. It also compares this consumption with the energy produced by the solar system within the same app.


On the other hand, SolarEdge is a production monitor that specifically measures the energy production of a solar system. SolarEdge does not have the capability to track the energy usage within the home.


CURB Dashboard Demo

To see a live demo of how CURB looks, click here.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023