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What Do I Need to Know About Going Solar in Florida?

Florida is currently the fastest-growing solar market in the United States. Its about time the “Sunshine State” caught up with the other large solar markets in the western states. Overall Florida is an excellent market for solar due to the high UV index and favorable weather throughout the year. In addition, the utility providers in Florida offer great solar programs. To learn more about the solar programs offered with the more common utilities we work with in Florida, click the link to the page below.


Additional Homeowners Insurance Requirement

Certain system sizes will require you to have a $1 million dollar home insurance policy in order to get your system activated by the utility company. If you need additional insurance, Better Earth can connect you with insurance agents who can help you increase your homeowner's insurance.


If you already have a $1 million dollar home insurance policy, then you won’t need to obtain any additional insurance. However, Better Earth may need proof of your insurance policy in order to interconnect your solar system to the utility grid.


What System Size Requires the $1 million dollar policy?

In most cases, a system size of 11.76 kW or larger will need to provide proof of additional insurance.

  • EX. 30 panels of 405w = 12.15 kW system size, which would require the $1 million dollar home insurance policy

The insurance requirements vary slightly with different utility providers. Feel free to contact us or your sales representative for more accurate information about your specific utility.

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Last updated on December 6, 2023