How Do I Monitor My Solar System?

Learn how you can monitor your solar system


Access My Monitoring

The website you will use to monitor your solar system will depend on which inverter manufacturer was used for your solar installation. You can find this information in your Customer Portal.

Once your Solar System is activated, you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign in to your monitoring portal.


Access the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal here:


Access the Enphase Monitoring Portal here:

Monitoring Solar Production

Once your solar system is up and running, you might be curious about how to keep tabs on its performance. Better Earth offers easy ways for you to monitor your system and ensure it's working efficiently.

Please be aware that the monitoring portal may occasionally experience delays and may not always provide 100% accurate data. If any communication errors occur, Better Earth can resolve them remotely. In the event that issues persist and cannot be resolved through remote troubleshooting, a Better Earth representative may be sent out to further troubleshoot the inverter at your property.

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Better Earth Monitoring

Better Earth monitors every system to ensure proper functioning and identify any production issues. In the event of any problems, Better Earth will likely be aware of them before you are and will take the necessary steps to restore your system to full functionality.


If your system stops producing power as expected, Better Earth will receive an alert in the Inverter Monitoring Portal. We take immediate action to troubleshoot the issue, with the goal of resolving it remotely or, if needed, by scheduling a service visit. Our Customer Success team at Better Earth will contact you to provide updates and resolve the situation.


If there is ever a need for Better Earth to conduct a site visit to fix anything, you will be notified in advance.

Battery Storage Monitoring

Better Earth will also have access to monitor any battery storage system you may have installed as part of your solar project. We will ensure that your battery receives the necessary firmware updates and will track the overall performance of the battery.


It is important to note that our install team must set up your battery monitoring (for Tesla Powerwall and Franklin Batteries only) on the day of your system installation. Without doing so may lead to lack of monitoring from Better Earth, which could potentially lead to a deactivated battery and voided warranties.


Once your battery monitoring has been successfully set up, you will not be able to view any production information until your system has been fully activated.


Access Battery Storage Monitoring

The monitoring platform for your battery will depend on the manufacturer of the battery system. You can find this information in your Customer Portal.

Click the corresponding link below to access information about your Battery Storage System including links to the monitoring websites and applications.


Monitoring Energy Consumption

Through the Inverter’s Monitoring Portal, you can only monitor your system's production. However, if you have a CURB Energy Monitor, you can track both your energy consumption and solar production in your home. Please note that this feature is separate from the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal. To learn more about the CURB Energy Monitor, refer to our CURB Article.

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Last updated on December 4, 2023