What Happens After Installation?

Learn more about the process from system installation to system activation

The Post-Installation process

Once your solar system installation is complete, there are a few steps required to make your system live and operational. Better Earth will handle each step, ensuring a hands-off experience for you. After the installation, Better Earth will schedule an inspection, apply for Permission to Operate (PTO) with the utility company, and then activate your system.




The inspection is when the local AHJ checks the details of our installation to make sure it meets their regulations and standards.


When is the Inspection Scheduled?

The timeline for inspections can vary depending on the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and the nature of any required fixes or adjustments. Our goal is to schedule inspections as soon as possible after the installation, typically within 30 days.


You generally do not need to be present or at home for the inspection unless you have equipment that has been installed inside the home or if any equipment has been installed behind locked gates.


We strive to provide you with as much advance notice as possible regarding your inspection date. However, timelines can vary significantly based on each AHJ. In some cases, we may be able to offer a few days' notice. Our Inspection Scheduling team will make an effort to contact you by phone as soon as your inspection is scheduled.


Often, when the inspection is scheduled, we are only given a time frame for the arrival of the inspector, such as an all-day window, morning window, or afternoon window. If our inspection technician arrives before the AHJ Inspector, we will wait for their arrival.


You can always check the status of your project and see if anything has been scheduled on your Customer Portal.


What Happens During an Inspection?

A member of the Better Earth team will meet with the inspector from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to verify that the completed solar installation matches the approved permits.


What Happens if the Initial Inspection Fails?

In the rare event that the initial inspection does not pass, our technicians will receive a report outlining what needs to be done to pass the inspection. We will take all necessary steps to resolve any action items and rebook a new inspection as soon as possible. Our inspection team strives to ensure a successful inspection on the first attempt, but occasionally, additional re-inspections may be needed.


To ensure the inspection approval, we will collaborate with our service or design team to make any necessary adjustments. If adjustments are required, Better Earth will either schedule a visit to your home or, for minor adjustments, reschedule the inspection and arrive early to complete them.



Permission to Operate (PTO)

Once the inspection is approved, Better Earth then applies for Permission to Operate (PTO) with your utility company.


When Do We Apply for PTO?

Once your inspection has been approved, Better Earth's Interconnection team will proceed to apply for PTO (Permission to Operate) for your solar system with the local utility company.


What Are the Document Requirements for PTO?

Some utilities require you to sign PTO documents directly, while others allow Better Earth to sign off on all PTO-related documents on your behalf. Additionally, we gather an approved inspection card during the inspection, which is required for the PTO application.


How Long Does It Take to Receive PTO?

The approval process for Permission to Operate (PTO) can vary widely, ranging from 2 weeks to 3+ months, depending on your utility. On average, utilities take around 30 days to approve the application.


Can a PTO Application Be Rejected by the Utility?

Although rare, it is possible for some PTO applications to be rejected by the utility. However, please be assured that we are dedicated to resolving any issues and ensuring the activation of your solar system. If rejection does occur, it is typically due to minor issues with the application that can be easily rectified and resubmitted for approval.




Once your local utility approves the application and grants you Permission to Operate, Better Earth will move forward with activating your solar system.


How Is My System Activated?

Better Earth will be able to activate your solar system remotely using the SolarEdge monitoring portal. If remote activation is not possible, we will guide you through the manual activation steps over a phone call.


How Do I Know My System Is Activated?

Once Better Earth activates your system, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to log into your SolarEdge Monitoring Portal. This email is typically sent to you within 3 days of system activation, and you will also receive a follow-up phone call from Better Earth's Customer Success Team to help walk you through the monitoring portal.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023