How Solar Works

Learn how a solar system works for your home

The Panels

Solar energy starts with the sun. When the sun rises each day, the panels absorb sunlight, which then begins to generate Direct Current (DC) Power. This power from each panel travels through electrical wiring inside a protected conduit and into the solar inverter.


The Inverter

The solar inverter will convert the electricity from Direct Current (DC) Power to usable Alternating Current (AC) Power. The AC power will then travel into your home's main electric panel.


The Electrical

The usable AC power is now directed to the main electric panel, which contains breakers for all electrical appliances in your home. At this point, your home is running on solar power.


Net Energy Metering

The energy generated by your solar system will replace the energy you typically receive from your utility company. However, there may be occasions throughout the year when you need to use additional power from the utility company, such as during the shorter days of winter. Conversely, there will be times when you produce more energy than your home requires. In such cases, the excess production can be stored in your solar battery or sold back to the utility company. By selling back the excess energy, you will receive an energy credit on your bill that can be used at a later time.


The Process

At Better Earth, we strive to provide the best customer experience by making the process of installing solar completely hands-off for you. Solar power may sound simple and almost "too good to be true", but generating power from solar is actually easier compared to the complex setup of traditional power from utility companies.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023