Warranties and Guarantees

Learn about Better Earth’s Warranties and Guarantees

What Warranties and Guarantees Do I Get With Better Earth?

Better Earth offers several warranties and guarantees to provide peace of mind to our customers:


25-Year Performance Guarantee

  • This guarantee ensures that the solar system will produce a minimum yearly production as quoted in the Installation Agreement.
  • Yearly production guarantees are as follows:
    • Year 1: 90% of quoted production
    • Year 2: 95% of Year 1 production
    • Years 3-25: 99.4% of the prior year's production.
  • In case the system fails to meet the guaranteed production, Better Earth will either add panels at no cost or reimburse the customer for the missed kWh.

25-Year Workmanship Guarantee

  • Workmanship Guarantee: Better Earth guarantees that the system will perform without defects for a full 25 years. This warranty covers any damage caused by the installation, excluding "acts of god" or force majeure situations.

10-Year Roof Penetration Warranty

  • Roof Penetration Warranty: You will receive a 10-year warranty for roof incisions. Better Earth is responsible for repairing any roof leaks or damages resulting from the solar installation, except for those who have signed a roof waiver.

System Monitoring

  • You will receive access to the SolarEdge monitoring portal upon system activation.
  • While the contract initially promises 5 years of system monitoring, this duration is due to the changing nature of cellular data network costs. Better Earth installs a cell kit in each inverter and pre-pays for 5 years of data. Future monitoring options may be pursued as they become available.

Pearl Certification

  • Better Earth will provide you with a Pearl Certification, which helps homeowners certify high-performing features like efficient HVAC, solar, and smart home installs so homes will appraise and sell for more.
  • You will receive a Pearl certificate for free, indicating the quality of materials and installation by Better Earth, once your installation has been completed.
  • If you decide to sell your home, Pearl can put you in touch with a real estate agent who knows how to leverage Pearl's certification and marketing materials.
    • The certificate is transferable to new homebuyers and can reassure them about the quality of the solar system.

These warranties and guarantees help ensure the performance, quality, and reliability of the solar system installed by Better Earth and provide customers with added confidence in their investment.

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Last updated on November 21, 2023