Will My Final Price Change After Placing My Order?

Learn about the different factors that could change your price

Will Pricing Change?

As much as all parties want to have the smooth and easy process, it is important to understand this expectation. Yes, it's possible that your final price could change after placing your order, especially if there are significant changes or additional requirements identified during the site survey.


Here's what you should be aware of:

  1. Site Survey Findings:
    1. After you place your order, a site survey is conducted to assess your property and confirm the details needed for the installation.

      During this survey, it's possible that unforeseen conditions or site-specific requirements may arise that were not apparent during the initial proposal stage, such as, required electrical upgrades or reroofs.

  1. Change Order:
    1. If the site survey identifies the need for any additional work, equipment, or modifications to ensure the effective installation of your solar system, you will be informed of these changes.

      In such cases, you'll be required to authorize the changes by signing a "Change Order Form." This form outlines the modifications, associated costs, and the final adjusted price for your project.

  1. Transparency:
    1. Better Earth provides you with clear and transparent communication throughout this process. You will not be surprised by any additional costs after you approve your final design.

      You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision and authorize any price adjustments before the work proceeds.

  1. Customer Consent:
    1. Your consent is required before any changes are made to your project. Be sure to communicate any personal preferences and concerns during this process.


In summary, while it is possible for the final price to change after placing your order, Better Earth will maintain transparency and open communication to ensure you understand the reasons for any adjustments and can make an informed decision about proceeding with the changes. As always, you can reach out to your sales representative or customer support if you have any questions or concerns.

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Last updated on December 1, 2023